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Table of Contents

  • Ch. 00: Introduction download button — download the introduction to Designing Intelligence
  • Ch. 01: Data, Technology, and Evolution download button — download chapter one of Designing Intelligence
  • Ch. 02: The History of Automation download button — download chapter two of Designing Intelligence
  • Ch. 03: Why Conversation? download button — download chapter three of Designing Intelligence
  • Ch. 04: Understanding Conversation download button — download chapter four of Designing Intelligence
  • Ch. 05: Understanding Language download button — download chapter five of Designing Intelligence
  • Ch. 06: Personifying Conversation
  • Ch. 07: Designing Conversation
  • Ch. 08: Conversational Writing
  • Ch. 09: Conversational Design Process
  • Ch. 10: Systems Anatomy
  • Ch. 11: Designing for Adoption
  • Ch. 12: The Future of Automation
  • Ch. 13: When Automation Go Bad
  • Ch. 14: Moving Forward

Design Thinking for Automated, Intelligent Systems in an era of Ambient Computing

We’re entering an era of ambient computing, driven by mass amounts of data flowing through artificially intelligent, digital ecosystems. These devices can speak to us, drive us around, and, in general, monitor their surroundings in order to understand how to behave. Because of computers recently acquired abilities to reverse engineer human thought and perception, the days of being glued to a screen in order to operate a computer are nearing their end.

However, creating these systems requires us to reverse engineer some of the most fundamental aspects of life, which can be difficult and overwhelming — especially if you don’t know where to start.

Designing Intelligence is filled with best practices for making these technologies now and in the future, based on the technical and business knowledge I’ve acquired from working with world-class technical experts at both R/GA and Google, along with interviews and critiques from some of the best technical experts around the world.


Whether our interactions consisted of interviews, one-on-one workshops, or working together hand-in-hand this book wouldn’t be the same without these people.

Photo of Nandini Stocker
Nandini Stocker
Head of Voice Design, Google
Photo of Hugh Dubberly
Hugh Dubberly
CEO, Dubberly Design
Co-Creator Apple's Knowledge Navigator
Photo of Brian Rommele
Brian Rommele
Voice Expert
Photo of Chris Messina
Chris Messina
Bot Thoughtleader
Formerly Uber + Google
Photo of Fabricio Teixeira
Fabricio Teixeira
Creative Director, R/GA
Photo of Omar Pera
Omar Pera
Photo of Eva Steele-Sacco
Eva Steele-Saccio
Conversational Writer & Designer, Pullstring
Photo of Stephane Nguyen
Stephane Nguyen


I’m traveling the world to educate both technology leaders and newcomers. If you’d like to connect with me along the way, here’s where I’ll be and when.


Design + AI

Galvanize in Soma — San Francisco, California

By learning about AI, designers can unite with automation to create a unique career path that fits within the marketplace. We don't want to fear the future of technology – we want to work with it to improve the quality of life and make it easier to accomplish our dreams.


SAP Design Team Meetup

SAP — San Jose, California

Every other week SAP hosts an internal meet up for their design teams to share what they have been working on. They also host special guests on some occasions, like this one.

Picture 1 from my talk with SAP Picture 2 from my talk with SAP Picture 3 from my talk with SAP

Portland Data Science Group

New Relic — Portland, OR

The Portland Data Science group focuses on learning and implementing techniques in data collection, mining, retrieval, munging, analysis, and visualization. They aim to help beginners but have advanced practitioners in the community as well.

Picture 1 from my talk with Portland Data Science Group in Portland, Oregon

Austin City Tech

Contigo — Austin, Texas

Kristin Hillery, my Editor at InVision, and I are putting together a private event for tech folks in Austin. This will be a small, private event with local tech leaders and friends.

Private Event

University of Colorado

BDW — Boulder, Colorado

I'll be speaking with the graduate students at University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado about automation and conversational interfaces, getting our hands dirty in the most engaging way possible. This is a closed event, for the students and faculty only.

Private Event

Galvanize After Hours

Galvanize — Boulder, Colorado

Every week Galvanize has technical leaders come in to educate the cohort currently working at Galvanize. The event is free and open to the public, but spots are limited. Reserve today to make sure you have a spot!


Bots Camp

Livestream from Sweden

The first worldwide, free digital conference. No tickets, no travel costs - heavy carbon offset - and replay for free. Four times a year, huge digital conference-community, Swiss Made.


Nebraska AI and Data-Driven Innovation

Fuse Co-Working — Lincoln, Nebraska

Once a month X Media Lab hosts events for technical leaders in Nebraska to get together, think creatively, and talk about the future. I'll be doing a lightning talk about Designing Intelligence and holding Q&A afterwards to fill in the gaps.


Bots Brazil Conference

Telefonica — Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Chatbots Brazil community is growing rapidly every day as people look for the perfect place to exchange knowledge about chatbots. Today the community has more than 3,500 people and it doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

The goal of this conference is to foster interaction between community members and industry professionals — both national and international — in a day full of content, case studies and face-to-face interaction.



IBM — Sao Paulo, Brazil

This event was set up to chat privately with the IBM Human-Computer Interaction design team. We discussed my book in depth, how it may impact their work in the near future, and how to create the best products possible to move IBM forward.

Private Event

UX Next

Crowne Plaza Palo Alto — Palo Alto, CA

From the creators of the industry leading Internet of Things World, UX Next will showcase the evolution and future direction of service enablement. Join 400+ tech disruptors, 60+ pioneering speakers and 50+ exhibitors who are disrupting and defining the next generation of services, devices and platforms. I played the role of keynote speaker for UX Next, which hosted a large variety of global leaders in the UX industry including the Global Director of Digital Innovation at Coca Cola, Global Product Officer for Citi, Head of UX for Alexa at Amazon, Head of Global Strategy for AR/VR at Google, Head of UX for Audi/Volkswagen/Porsche, and many more.


Nerd Interface

The Nerdery — Chicago, IL

Nerd Interface is an event for you to network, learn, connect with your peers in the tech community and Nerd out. From software engineers to project managers to user experience designers and everyone in between, join us monthly for an evening of deep diving the latest technology trends. Each event will start with craft beer tasting and networking followed by a presentation on the latest trends in software design and development with live demos and workshops. We’ll wrap things up with more craft beer, networking and gaming for Extra Life. Gaming + Extra Life = Donations to Children's Hospitals!

Winter Break

The Office

From 11.17 to early February 2018 I will only be accepting limited engagements in order to finish production on the book, spend time with family and friends during the holidays, and, in general, take a break from almost 4 months on the road with no rest.

Feel free to reach out if you're interested in setting something up, I'm still more than happy to make plans for the future!

If you'd like to book me for one of your events or give feedback on an event that you attended, please email me at